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On September 7, the Holberton School of IT development will launch its first class in France. On this occasion, the school will finance the tuition fees of 165 students (up to 1 million euros), and will welcome students from Supinfo for free. The admission tests, as well as the training program based on project-based learning, will be online. Alexis Kuperfis, developer, tells you all about it:

A 100% online curriculum, with no educational prerequisites

Holberton School was created in 2015 in San Francisco, by three Frenchmen. The school will start a 100% online program in France in the fall of 2020, and will finance its first class of students. Moreover, as is the case at Ecole 42, Holberton’s admission path can be attempted by all IT technology enthusiasts, regardless of their level of study, from the age of 18 (and without age limit). The admission tests, also online, consist in the creation of a website, which allows to highlight the qualities and the motivation of the applicants in terms of code writing.

300 students planned for the start of the 2020 school year

Holberton School is one of the schools that have submitted a bid for the takeover of Supinfo to the Paris Commercial Court. Sylvain Kalache, one of the founders of the school, confirmed that « whatever the buyer, we (Holberton) are committed to offering the first year to all students who wish to join us.

Originally, Holberton School wanted to establish a campus in anticipation of its 2021 location. However, exceptional circumstances due to the coronavirus health crisis have somewhat hastened the process, making the school’s campus virtual for the time being. Finally, it should be noted that the school plans to welcome approximately 300 students for its first year in September.