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an essential programming language at this time

Nowadays, there are a large number programming languages such as JavaScript, PHP, Python, Java, C Sharp and many others. Between all these choices, one question arises for any IT developer: which language to choose? Among all the suggested languages (note that there are a multitude of them), it is difficult to find your way around and to simply answer this very question. Thus, another question often comes up: which language to learn first? Of course, it depends on what you want to do. Each technique has its own specificities, but if you do not have any project in mind, and you wonder where to start or if you are just attracted by web development, this post is made for you. In this article, Alexis Kuperfis, IBM’s program manager, methodically compares several languages and answers to the most important questions: which one is the most popular? Which one is the most flexible? Which one allows you to make more money once you mastered it?

Which programming language is the most popular?

The people working in the IT world are probably familiar with the Stack Overflow website. It is a very popular website where programmers ask code questions when they encounter problems and the whole community can help them to solve these issues.

Every year, the website conducts a very serious and complete survey in order to better understand the developer community. We clearly see that the most popular language in 2017 was JavaScript. Indeed, it is used in more than 62,5 % of cases, followed by SQL (51,2 %) and Java (39,7 %). But to what extend is it a good thing to learn a popular programming language? To answer this, Alexis Kuperfis tells us more about an experience of his young life as a developer.

When he started his career as a web developer, he learned down to the last detail about a particular technology: Flex. At the time, it was a technology that seemed really promising and based on the ActionScript language. It was a language that was compiled in Flash format. For several years, he worked with it but today this language is dead. Almost overnight, Apple and Google decided to abandon the Flash format. As a result, here is an advice from Alexis Kuperfis: the more popular the language is, the less likely it is to die. This is very important, because when a language dies, you have to imagine that the IT developers who coded with it lose all their knowledge overnight. It is therefore important to be trained in a popular language.

Of course, it is also recommended to learn another language, in order to have a few tricks up in your sleeve. Alexis Kuperfis is sure about one thing: JavaScript will never die.

The second advantage of learning a popular language is the community. The more popular a language is, the bigger the community will be. Thus, it will be easier to find help if needed. It will be possible to find a large amount of online documentation and all the problems the IT developers may encounters are already published in forums with their solutions.

Which language is the most versatile?

Here too, JavaScript is the most appropriated. Indeed, this programming technique allows you to do many things, way more than other languages. Thanks to it, it is possible to become a full stack developer, by managing both front end and back end. To be completely honest, Alexis Kuperfis points out that you still have to master the Node.js framework. But, there will be no need to relearn a complete language since the database remains in JavaScript. In addition, with this technique, it is also possible to develop mobile and desktop applications with React Native and Electron. In short, it is possible to do everything with JavaScript.


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Which computer language makes the most money?

Even if coding is above all a passion for many people, it is always better to live from your passion. But how can a JavaScript developer earn? This programming language offers so many possibilities that it is not easy to affirm with certainty how much does a JavaScript developer earns, without making any distinction between the different professionals. We cannot compare a developer who barely knows the basics of this language, an expert who deeply understands all the subtleties, or another who masters a front-end framework like Angular for instance, and even less a full stack developer who masters the server side.

In the study lead by the Urban Linker website, we clearly see that a talented JS developer earns well his life. It may seem surprising but more than a .Net or Java developer. Why? Simply because wages are always in line with the law of supply and demand. Given the popularity of JS and the rapid emergence of different frameworks such as Angular, React, Node.js, the demand for JavaScript developers is far greater than the market’s offer.

JavaScript is therefore a program language that allows you to a multitude of things. Moreover, given its popularity that is not ready to stop, any young developer must learn it seriously. In addition, it opens many doors to young people entering the world of work and ensures a comfortable basic salary. Nevertheless, as Alexis Kuperfis points out, it would be a shame to put aside the other programming languages. For instance, we can use Ruby, which is an innovative and fun to learn language. Python offers unparalleled ergonomics and richness. PHP suggests extensive documentation on the Internet which have a welcoming and helpful community. Lisp is powerful with a functional reference paradigm and finally Go, which has its own language with highly efficient competition management.

To conclude, Alexis Kuperfis advises against JS for beginners. Indeed, it is a language which has a very specific syntax and quite hard to master. Thus, for novices, he advices to turn to Java, PHP, C++, C#. For example, with the latter, a developer will also be able to design mobile apps, websites and even video games thanks to Unity. Moreover, it is relevant to note that programming languages are complementary. It is also the case of JavaScript. Barely all developers know it and use it but they use another technology aside, such as PHP or C#. The JS is consequently very important in a developer’s life. However, before learning this technology, it may be interesting for beginners to be more familiar with other languages. They can still JavaScript, once they have acquired the basics.