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Attacks against cybersecurity companies are definitely in fashion! Recently, it is the American company Malwarebytes that has been the victim of this new trend. What do we know about this attack? Who are its sponsors? Alexis Kuperfis tells us more!

A distinct attack

Although there are similarities between the recent attack on Solarwind and the one on Malwarebytes, Malwarebytes stated in a press release that the two intrusion attempts were in no way related.

However, experts suggest that it is highly likely that both companies were targeted by the same hackers.

The California-based company also said that the hacking that targeted it had allowed the hackers to access its internal email database. A flaw found more exactly in Microsoft 365 and Azure access.

The most surprising thing is that the hackers did not leave any footprint. No trace of attack was detected, proof that this is a well-trained group.
Moreover, Malwarebytes was keen to minimize the impact of this attack. It said that no catastrophic consequences resulted from this cyber attack.

Russia in the line of fire

According to the first elements of investigation, Russia is behind the attack that Malwarebytes has suffered!  This is not the first time Moscow has been accused of attacking American security companies!

We can even say that this has happened many times in the last few years. A new cyber cold war on the way? Maybe!

In any case, the fact that highly protected companies like Malwarebytes are losing their data to external intrusions, reminds us that IT security is a field that needs a strong evolution to get on par with the increasingly dangerous and motivated hackers.

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