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All programmers use specific terms related to programing and site web development. Alexis Kuperfis, program director in the international IBM company, explains us the most important terms of his profession.


API refers to application programming interface, it represents all the functions that allow access to the services of an app, thanks to a programming language.

Back-end / Front-end

The back-end is the hidden part of a software in which the programmer will intervene. Inversely, the front-end refers to the visible part to the Internet use. Therefore, the work of the programmer will be to create a simple and clear interface.


It is a term that defines the administrative part of a site web, that we can call a CMS.


Tags are the basis of the coding. These elements are part of the code used to create and structure a web page. They are also used by the search engine to better analyse these pages for SEO.

Data base

A database is an overall of files, organized and managed by a specific software.

Source code

The source code is the human-readable version of the program. It is a programming language made and written by man, inversely executive code is only understood by the computer.


It is the action of generating executable code from the source code.


The framework represents a set of tools and components that are the basis of a software or an app. In a manner of speaking, it is the skeleton of the software.


It is a term that qualified programmers that work on all the layers of development. They master both the back-end and the front-end.


The plug-ins are some extensions that add functionality to the software.


A proxy in an intermediary between a web browser and the Internet. It would be a computer or a module. It is useful for security and for network performance.