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To begin in the field of programming, the first question that comes to mind is: which language to start with? PHP, JavaScript or Python. Which is the easiest to start with and especially which language will allow us to easily sell ourselves on the job market? We asked Alexis Kuperfis, program director at the international company IBM to answer us.

In answer to these questions, the most experienced programmers will tell you that the most affordable language for a beginner is without hesitation Python. And I’ll give you three good reasons to choose it as your starting point.

First reason: simplicity

Python has become, for the national education system, the first ideal programming language  to begin with and ideal to understand the basics of programming. So why is it a simple language? To make it short, the syntax is not complicated at all. No parentheses, braces, square brackets or semicolons. In the syntax of this programming language, indentation is used. It’s easy to learn and use. In fact, it looks more like spoken language. The code is relatively easy to read and visually very pleasant.

Second reason: multifunction

For Alexis Kuperfis, Python works on all systems on Windows as well as on mac or even linux. And works in every imaginable field, like video game development or applications. It’s also mainly used in web development, big data and artificial intelligence. If you’re thinking of getting into statistics and data analysis, then python is for you. It is very useful for analyzing large volumes of data or in machine learning algorithms.

Another area in which this programming language is used a lot is everyday basic scripting task. If for example you have a bunch of files and you are looking for a specific data without knowing in which file it is. Then you can do a little script that will run over each file looking for the keyword you want. Doing this in Python is very easy. Let’s see another example of a script you can do with this language. If you want for example to download all the daily stock indexes to put them on a website, thanks to Python you can do what we call web scraping. It means that we will retrieve these data directly from a website and save them in a database.

The third reason: popularity

A survey of the developer community conducted by the Stack Overflow website revealed that Python is the language that has experienced the greatest growth in recent years. And it’s not going to stop. According to Alexis Kuperfis, this popularity means that it has a very active community. Indeed, when you choose a language with a very active community on the web, you already know that there are lots of projects to help you move forward faster. Thanks to this open source community, you don’t need to develop everything yourself. Because Python developers have shared an impressive number of their modules in what is called the python package index. And with this big open source library, you’ll able to solve almost every problem.