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Private and public initiatives in quantum computing have proliferated in recent years, but this is the first announcement of a public cloud in this area. AWS has just launched its Amazon Braket service, which will mark the beginning of the era of as-a-service quantum computing. It should be noted, however, that the service will only be available in certain parts of the US, in Northern Virginia, Northern California and Oregon.

AWS wants to provide an infrastructure to facilitate access to quantum technologies

According to Alexis Kuperfis, quantum computing is still in its early stages of experimentation. This is due to the lack of a universal algorithmic model that would allow the development of specific and general-purpose applications, so that the announcements made today are more like full-scale tests than truly operational and productive solutions. Obviously, these experiments (if they can be called that) are only accessible to organisations that have the human resources to do so.

For those who do, AWS intends to provide an infrastructure to facilitate access to quantum technologies: “Today, to make significant progress in quantum computing, organisations must develop in-house expertise and seek access to limited quantum hardware. Researchers who want to experiment with a range of quantum hardware and technologies must build and manage the necessary infrastructure, negotiate access with multiple vendors, and write custom code to interface with different quantum processors,” says AWS.

Infrastructure to prepare for the quantum future

The infrastructure that AWS is proposing would help companies to start experimenting in this promising area, and to assess the potential impact of quantum computing on their business. The aim is to start building the skills needed to explore new opportunities. In addition, AWS believes that the management of quantum infrastructure by various hardware vendors would help facilitate research and education in quantum technologies.