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Schools of programming and computer science are increasingly popular with students who want to become talented programmers. Faced with this demand, these schools are multiplying throughout the country and offer many courses and specializations. For students, it is therefore not easy to choose from all the courses offered across France. Alexis Kuperfis, program director at IBM, has therefore selected for you the best French schools of code and computer science.

The best schools specializing in IT and digital technology in France

The ranking of the best computer science schools is established each year by Eduniversal, an organization specialized in school rankings and higher education training. Here is the 2019 ranking of the best French computer schools:

  1. EPITA, engineering school of computer intelligence 
  2. EPITECH, trains Information Technology Experts
  3. HETIC, web business school
  4. CPE Lyon, engineering school in chemistry and digital sciences
  5. EFREI Paris, IT engineering school
  6. ESEIA, University of Engineering 
  7. ISEP, digital engineering school
  8. SUPINFO, Institute of Information Technology
  9. ESGI, alternating computer science school
  10. Grenoble INP – Esisar, engineering school of embedded systems 
  11. SUP Galileo – University of Paris 13, engineering school
  12. 3iL Engineers, Institute of Computer Engineering in Limoges
  13. IN’TECH, school of computer science
  14. EPSI, private school of computer science

The best French code and programming schools

Concerning schools specializing in code and programming training, France also has renowned schools. The following ranking is based on the performance of the students registered on the site and is compiled by the CodinGame web platform. In total, it is the performances of 26,000 students, from 650 different French schools, that were evaluated. Here is the result of the ranking of the best French code and programming schools:

  1. Ensimag Grenoble INP
  2. 42, Paris
  3. ENS, Lyon
  4. INSA Toulouse
  5. ENSEEIHT, Toulouse
  6. Central-Supélec, Gif-Yvette
  7. Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris
  8. Telecom-Paris
  9. ISIMA, Clermont-Ferrand
  10. Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse
  11. Telecom Nancy
  12. EPITA, the Kremlin-Bicêtre
  13. ISAE-SUPAERO, Paris
  14. INSA Lyon
  15. ENSIEE, Evry
  16. Ecole Polytechnique X, Palaiseau
  17. University of Paris Sud
  18. EFREI, Villejuif
  19. ENSEIRB-MATMECA, Bordeaux
  20. Claude Bernard University, Lyon

If you want to specialize in programming and computer science, these schools only offer the best of the best.