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Often mistaken for the project management that involves the organisation of a project step by step, team management represents a real challenge for CEOs. Taking responsibility for a team requires specific skills, in order to ensure that each member integrates perfectly into the system while creating a pleasant working environment, that motivates and promotes personal development. In this article, we discuss with Alexis Kuperfis on the importance of team management, as well as the skills of a qualified manager.

The qualities of a team manager

The team manager’s mission consists in giving meaning to work and to obtain the best from his collaborators. We are not born managers, but by training in good managerial practices, by developing some skills and techniques (listening skills, communication skills, etc.) that we succeed in becoming a good manager. In order to manage a team efficiently, it is necessary to pay particular attention to the manager’s skills, as he or she is the primarily responsible for team management. In that case, it is recommended to choose someone with solid background, who is able to cope with stress and pressure without discouraging his or her colleagues. This manager must also have a good sense of observation in order to identify deficiencies to be filled and help the team to blossom.


According to Alexis Kuperfis, being able to listen and to communicate are the two main qualities of any good team manager, because for the employee, the manager is just like a parent who must take care of his family by taking into account their personalities, their differences and their aspirations.

Team management within companies

Life is too short to spend 40 hours a week working with pessimistic and discouraged colleagues. The team manager, as a leader, must intervene to create a positive environment at work. The group structure needs also to be clear to each member. It is also important to explain to each member his or her exact role within the company and within the team in particular. Thus, they be aware of their added value and what they should bring to the team.

Nevertheless, the company’s success mainly depends on its ability to produce and to sell its products or services. Without any good management strategy, none of that would be possible. It is therefore relevant for the manager to coordinate the actions of collaborators and to organize work in order to optimize performance. And this by motivating the team so that they give their best to reach the objectives set.


To conclude, many projects require the launch of a collaborative approach in order to obtain good results. For Alexis Kuperfis, even if teamwork is difficult, it is therefore necessary for the success of any company. Because when all the members act together to achieve a common goal, the result may be greater than if the work had been done individually. That is the synergy effect.